Professional Cabling Solutions is one of the few companies in Northwest Arkansas to focus our attention to the cabling infrastructures of the customers we service. We specialize in the design and installation of cabling infrastructure in a wide variety of customer environments. We work with every customers' unique situations and offer new insights from past experiences to give the best solution to each project. Professional Cabling Solutions has worked hard to obtain certification in the best lines of products on the market. We are a Panduit Certified Installer offering a Panduit 25 year manufacturer's warranty. Panduit is a market leading end-to-end solution, which is constantly improving and creating the new standards for the industry. Professional Cabling Solutions is also a Superior Modular Multimedia Design and Integration Specialist offering manufacturers 25 year warranty. SMP has been around since 1990 with innovations that have become standards that are still used today at an affordable price.

We also specialze in fiber runs. We can run multimode fiber and single mode fiber. Our fiber make sure are fiber runs are as efficient as possible but not cutting any corners so that you get the best performance for the best price. Our fiber can run up to 100 G per second. Speeds that can handle your business needs at any time of the day.